The Future

Hybrid School

Flexibility & Peace of Mind

As travel restrictions are lifted, schools are re-opened and 'normal life' returns, parents will be left with difficult choices to make. Do they send them back to school or do they keep them at home, and for how long? There are still so many unanswered questions about COVID-19 and with that brings uncertainty for many parents.

We want to provide all our parents with a schooling solution that offers them flexibility and peace of mind whilst uncertainty about COVID-19 continues.

Hybrid School

In Class & Live-stream Lessons

When the school re-opens its campus to students the school will commence operations as a Hybrid School. This means all lessons taught to students on campus will also be live streamed to students at home.

We can do this because of the professionalism and dedication of our teachers, the success of our ISS:Live learning platform and the command and control that our Digital Control Centre offers us.

Operating as a Hybrid school will allow parents to make decisions based on the safety of their children and other family members first, without those decisions having an impact on their children’s education.

The Benefits

  • Peace of Mind - Parents will have the choice, every day, to decide what is best for their child. To come to school to learn or stay at home to learn.

  • Routine - Whether at home or at school, ISS students will always have a full school day and routine to follow.

  • Friendships - ISS Students will always be able to keep connected to friends and classmates, no matter where they are or what the circumstances.

  • Safety and Support- All live-streamed lessons will continue to be stringently monitored and supported in real time by our Digital Learning Control Centre. Please click here for more details about the DLCC and its key role in supporting our teachers, parents and students with their learning.

Our Commitment to You

ISS will continue to live-stream all its timetabled lessons and activities when the school re-opens its campus to students.

ISS will ensure every lesson continues to have all its resources available digitally so students can access them online.

ISS will ensure as many assessments, assignments and tests continue to be digitally assigned and digitally marked online.

ISS will ensure all its live-streamed lessons continue to be monitored and supported in real-time by our Control Centre.

ISS will publish all class and subject curriculum's and programs of study online.


Learning safely, together